1. NANDINI says:

    where will i get the notes

  2. just download from my blog…

  3. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    i just searched for puc 2 year solved question papers but i found your web site its really good . i need solved question papers of previous year. if you do so i will be very thankful to you.

  4. vaseem akram says:

    dear sir

    pls publish the molecular biology notes

    vaseem akram

  5. vaseem akram says:

    sir what is your blog ,sir please help to get molecular biology notes

  6. dhanush says:

    sir please help to get BIO ENERGETICS


  7. Nikhil says:

    Dear sir, when will u publish molecular biology notes

  8. menaka says:

    sir plzz provide PLANT WATER RELATION notes for download……….

  9. stebin says:

    sir get molecular biology notes please.exams are closing in

  10. aishwarya says:

    sir PLEASE publish BIOENERGITICS notes

  11. afreen says:

    thank u so much.this blog has helped me a lot

  12. NITHESH says:

    sir please sir this is second time i requesting you.please provide physics,chemistry,&maths important 5 marks questions please sir….

  13. achyutha says:

    sir.. this was the most useful website that i had come across……….it helped me a lot !!!! thank you

  14. ajay says:


    ur notes r really wonderful.please tell me if i can i get similar notes for physics and chemistry
    thank u

  15. PAVAN says:

    sir, please publish another units in 2nd puc biology

  16. PAVAN says:

    publish all biology notes

  17. vinod says:

    very good notes sir

  18. rajesh says:


  19. prafulla says:

    I am very thankful to YOU.Your notes really helping me a lot.sir please inform me when u will upload REMAINING LESSONS NOTES.I am egerly waiting for your reply.I hope i will fulfill my parents dream through you.Thank u soooooo…much sir.

  20. ajay78976 says:

    SIR…..you are the best and i havent seen any website which avails such good notes…please continue this good work….

  21. priyanka says:

    really an effort worth mentioning. thank you

  22. i am unable 2 get your notes,sir

  23. Shaista. says:

    Thank u sir

  24. Vinay says:

    Sir .. Plz get us bioenergetics notes… Nd also man in health nd disease:-).!… Sir if its not possible to upload than plz send t notes to my address i will pay t required amount…

  25. nithin says:

    please publish notes of man in health diseases….

  26. Thank u sir, this site is very useful to me and to all PU Students.The notes are nice, and are very easy to understand.
    Thank u Sir, once again…..

  27. 619anjan619 says:

    The notes are very useful sir,,,thank u sir
    Keeping uploading the files sir

  28. Sir from now keep uploading files till 2011-2012 exam… zoology notes are very helpful. Thank u sir

  29. Sadiq pasha says:

    Thank You sir you are doing a good job. It is very helpful sir……

  30. akshay kumar g n says:

    thanks sir i got a very good guidence from your provided materials

  31. nisarga says:

    Hello sir….
    Your notes are great. But the molecular biology link has biotechnology notes… Please correct this error and upload molecular biology notes as soon as possible…..
    Thank you sis =)

  32. Sir when r u going to upload the notes of CONTINUITY OF LIFE ?.

  33. dinesh says:

    sir you are really great i very much like ur notes……, but i am not getting ur CONTINUITY OF LIFE NOTES…. SO PLS HELP ME WITH THAT……?

  34. dinesh says:

    sir in biotechnology notes ALL THE DIAGRAMS ARE MISSING SO PLS CORRECT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE……….?? Pls sir

  35. manju kiran says:

    sir please help us by providing the notes of ”NERVOUS SYSTEM”

  36. Pratik Wagh says:

    Sir, i got proper notes thank you.
    Please update HORMONAL CO-ORDINATION notes

  37. Manju ., says:

    i want contunityoflife note

  38. manju kiran says:

    sir please provide us with the notes of developmental biology

  39. Sadiq Pasha says:

    Thank you very much sir …..Good Job sir .Sir can you publish the blueprints of pcm…that will also helpful for the students sir….

  40. Abhilash.D.Naik says:

    sir…ur work fullfills us if remaining notes and diagrams are corrected,…i hope you provide them (Nervous system, Biodiversity and Contnuity of life) as soon as possible..thank u for assisting us………….

  41. sir please publish this years most expected questions

  42. chandrashekar.t.p says:


  43. nirmith says:

    pls sir i want continuity of life notes

  44. AJAY SAMPATH says:

    Thank you sir for sharing the notes!!!

  45. manju kiran says:

    sir,please provide us the reasoning questions of zoology

  46. shawn says:

    sir your notes rock

  47. ramzi says:

    Hello sir….

    I have browsed through your website… It really helps…
    plz simplify the diagrams and tell us how to strat with …
    give us some tips column for examination or time of study for preparation,,,

  48. Sadiq pasha says:

    Dear Sir, Please upload nervous system and continuity of life notes ….

  49. Sadiq pasha says:

    Sir ….You have not upload Nervous system notes. Please upload ..

  50. Sadiq pasha says:

    sir , you have not provided nervous system & continuity of life notes sir …I have requested you twice you have not uploaded.

    • Sadiq pasha says:

      Sir I am very thankful to you sir for the notes,question papers , Reasoning Questions you provided. At the end please upload nervous system and continuity of life notes sir….please sir

  51. Mridula says:

    [b]Lol……. this site is use less without mathematics paper of last years (2011) ha ha ha ha 😛 and i think no moderator for this site if ur active upload previous year paper of maths 2011 [/b]

    • if this site is useless, go somewhere else….
      after all i don’t expect anything from you…
      i have spend some of my precious time on this blog. i have got nothing in return except your encouraging words. you should know that even factory workers, if work for one hour extra they get paid extra… just read all comments and learn how to be respectful to a teacher….. God bless you…..

    • shawn says:

      i think its a site for bio notes……….

  52. Sadiq pasha says:

    Thanks for nervous system and developmental biology notes ….Thanks you very much sir……….

  53. raghavan yudhi says:

    hello sir,
    am good to see your website, sir i want some important question, am in need of it please can u give me sir.

  54. dinesh gowda says:

    thank u sir for uploading developmental biology notes

  55. sarim says:

    Sir ur a life saver! 🙂

  56. anjali says:

    thank you very much this blog is of much use for students

  57. daron says:

    heights of awesomeness … keep it up…:D.

  58. drake says:

    dear sir, in teh schematic representation diagram of glucolysis, there is a mistake= PGAL is 3C and not 6C, same goes for DHAP.

  59. Srivathsava says:

    hi.sir the biology notes and questions are simply superb.
    I think this is the best notes I have ever read. thank you

  60. Usman says:

    sir ew hav done a gr8 job in dis website . thnx a ton 4 all dis info .but sir can u post notes of all d lessons in bio it will be vry helpful .

  61. Nischay says:

    Hello sir! You are doing an extreemely humble and noble job by helping us in this way! Its a verry selfless attitude which i admire a lot! Ive been following ur notes to prepare for my exams! Sir…i just have a doubt…In ur ”Most important 5 markers list”, U havent mentioned any 5 markers from lessons like Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Biodiversity. Does that mean we wont get any 5 markers from those lessons? But..over the years, 5 markers have appeared from those lessons! What should we do? Please advice. And also…U have mentioned a few questions for Schematic Representation…Should we study the explanation of those questions from ur notes or is the schematic rep enough? Please do reply! :)! THANK YOU!

  62. Indra says:

    the homeostasis link has body defense and immunity notes… Please correct this error as soon as possible…..
    thank you

  63. Srivathsava says:

     Thymidine is not present in RNA. It’s Uridine & nucleotide is Uridine monophosphate
     IN scientists and discoveries 6.Robert Holly- Clover leaf model of t-RNA. not m-RNA

  64. srivathsava says:

    Sir you havent inserted any diagram in the chapter Bio-Technology

  65. Nidhi says:

    Dear sir,in anatomy of plant histology the labelling of heart wood n sap wood is wrong

  66. R manju kiran says:

    with your help today i did it well
    so thankyou so much sir

  67. sheetal says:

    ur notes are helpful thank u sir

  68. hello sir!very good notes very informative.
    diagrams are good
    thankyou for the cet papers

  69. sarvesh says:

    sir this note very helpfull to me thanks
    dear sir i want c.e.t modle question paper so it available on yor sight or please pubish it

  70. Karan Bharadwaj says:

    Hello Sir,

    I found your biology notes very helpful. It is not an exaggeration that I am hopeful of not only passing Biology which is an anathema to me but also scoring decently in the range 60+. I prepared myself for the board exam only by studing your answers to the most probable questions. Thank you very much for helping students.

  71. Shreekanth patil says:

    Sir ur notes are good sir, sir pls upload the short keys to passing sir,pls,pls,……
    Very very thnx sir,,

  72. priyanca says:

    tnks for d notes sir…. itz really awsum this notes will really help me alot tnk u very mch n do u hav notes for chem??????
    if so, pls tel me wer it is….
    once again i thank u

  73. Naveen says:

    sir u r notes are simply great. No words say sir.
    thank u sir

  74. Mailari barki says:

    Thanks for this site this is helps to our study

  75. pavan says:

    biodiversity notes
    plz update

  76. Hari sk says:

    What is the password sir? (Please help me)


    dear sir
    Thanks very much
    I hope ur work will be wonderful by adding (insects,mosses & ferns

  78. pravin says:

    dear sir,its my pleasure to see your bombastic notes.thanks for your precious knowledge sir.sir i needeven the new syllabus notes for NEET.thank you sir

  79. maaz says:

    sirji passward kia dalna he???

  80. ur notes are so damn helpful sir…..thank u so much sir

  81. keshav says:

    i am very thankfull to u sir for helping students by giving very good notes pls upload the other chapters like biodiversity

  82. shifa parveen says:

    Dear sir how to download the notes n mobile..

  83. Rafi r says:

    Sir i request to u.i want some mp3 notesof 2nd puc science.plz

  84. akshaya says:

    Its is seriously good nw i am enjoying biology

  85. MUTHU GOWDA says:

    thanks sir good notes but when i download hemeostasis it again download body defence and immunity can u plz upload hemeostasis… sir

  86. sagar says:

    namstye sir i need imp qustns.plz help sir

  87. sir ur notes are really good ………..but i am not getting the diagrams of BIOTECNOLOGY in your notes plz help

  88. smitha says:

    sir. .whr wil i get solvd give reasons question

  89. shriki says:

    sir thanx 4 providing d notes…..
    sir pls publish note 4 biodiversity, homeostasis also …………pls

  90. sanjay says:

    sir your notes are very helpful…thank you very much

  91. sharath says:

    sir please upload cbse all subject notes sir i am in village & here there is no proper education system hence i needed your perfect notes sir please upload as soon as possible

  92. raghavendra kurale says:

    sir this notes are help my life really…………

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