PUC PCMB – Free download: Previous Year Question Papers, Biology Notes, study materials and many More


Here I provide a link for a website, where  2nd puc physics notes is available to download.

click below link


NOTE:  I am not responsible for quality and accuracy of any information available in other websites/blogs. Above website  authors, don’t mistake me. Even I am not responsible for any problems arise over “accuracy” of my own materiel !!

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9 Responses

  1. rani arjun says:

    Dear Mr. Stephen,

    Thank you so very much for the Notes and Answer Scripts. May God bless you!

    With kind regards,
    Rani Arjun

  2. Sonu says:

    this is the best sub domain i have ever seen…… this has been very helpful to me

  3. amith says:

    hai i earnestly thank you for the inofor mation i got from this website/ocean of help….thank you if at all you need any information that you require.please do leave a e-mail

  4. for all CET mock tests please visit: http://www.indiaexams.net or call: 080-2323 2424/9141401080

  5. puneeth says:

    all the 28 chapters are not there

  6. loith says:

    U R DOING A WONDERFULL JOB SIR. I REALLY THANK U sir plz post the digital elctronics and velocity of light notes

  7. pooja maan says:

    sir i want locomotion notes for class 11th chapter no.20 plzzzz

  8. physics 2013 anival qustion paper bhejo mere laal

  9. meg says:

    Sir i was wondering if it’s okay if i skip immunity lesson for final exam? For how many marks is this lesson?

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