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Biology One mark Questions with Answers

click below link to download ii puc biology one mark questions with answers

II PUC biology one mark questions with answer


10 Responses

  1. moin shariff says:

    sir..please give the most important questions of biotechnology,molecular biology..!!

  2. soumya.g.a. says:

    thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much sir!!! can i get some previous year question papers of PCMB with solutions?

  3. soumya.g.a. says:

    thank you so much for showing so much concern and replying to me. sir can please help me to overcome exam fear???????
    eagerly waiting for your reply………

  4. vibhav says:

    sir i’m unable to see one mark questions… could help somehow…thats my only weakness…

    seeking ur help at the earliest….

    thank you…[:)]

  5. Sabhyatha Bagmane says:

    Whats the main Syllabus for CET? I Want some CET model papers(PCMB)

  6. Thank you so much sir. Can i get the 5marks important questions with answers???plz plz plz……..

  7. plz sir put up 2marks questions im in need of it so do help me sir this is my request .

  8. sindhu says:

    sir plz put 5 marks question i need it plz…………………….

  9. sindhu says:

    plz put 5 mrks important questions plz…………….

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