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II PUC Biology Blue Print



  1. dushyanth says:

    thank u……….i got which ever paper i want.

  2. sinchana says:

    thanku very much sir…. its really helpful 2 all the 2nd puc students…….

  3. karthik says:

    thank u very much sir

  4. Mythri says:


    THANKS A LOT………..

  5. rehman says:

    thank u so much sir..!!!! its realy simple nd gud ! nd cud u plz giv sum model question papers for pcmb!!!!

  6. Sunith says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m so sorry i dint read the contents properly, i got the password and thank you so much for posting the papers


  7. dheeraj says:

    thank you,sir…..u r really great…. i thank u a lot

  8. tanu says:

    thanks a lot sir

  9. its really awful sir……..thanks a lot sir

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